Our Team

Meet our team from Finland

Casper Sivén

CEO & Project Manager

Hello! I'm Casper Sivén, the CEO of Selecto, and your go-to guy for all things tech. My role? Steering the technological helm of our company, ensuring every vital part operates seamlessly. Think of me as the mastermind who keeps our digital gears turning smoothly, ensuring that our business stays ahead in the tech race. So, when it comes to the tech heartbeat of Selecto, rest assured, it's in capable hands!

Onni Weimer

CSO & Head Of Sales

Hi there! I'm Sales Director at Selecto Oy. With a dash of charm and a pinch of expertise, I turn leads into loyal customers. Ready to boost sales? Let's chat!

Jerry Sivén

Account Manager

Hi, I'm Jerry Sivén, your go-to Account Manager at Selecto, where we specialize in boosting sales and generating leads. I'm here to ensure your experience with us is seamless and tailored to your goals. As I'm getting up to speed with our unique processes, I'm eager to learn how we can best support your success. Looking forward to making great things happen together!